Electric Generation Suppliers and Aggregators

Eligible Customer List for Retail Suppliers and Aggregators

Electric Generation Suppliers and Aggregators (EGS) may obtain access to Citizens’ Electric Company’s secured Eligible Customer List (ECL) after executing Rider A – Individual Coordination Agreement and submitting it via fax (570-524-5887) or email (billing@citizenselectric.com). Then, on company letterhead, submit a signed request for USERNAME and PASSWORD. Include return email or fax number and Citizens’ Electric will issue the credentials necessary to access the ECL.

Brokers and Marketers that are not PJM Market Participants and do not take ownership of energy products may access the ECL after executing Rider C – Marketer’s Agreement and requesting a USERNAME and PASSWORD as above.

Suppliers are warned that information contained in the ECL is confidential and any use of the data for purposes other than the Electric Choice Program is strictly prohibited. Suppliers are responsible for protecting the security of the data, USERNAMES and PASSWORDS. Suppliers must contact Citizens’ Electric immediately if they suspect unauthorized access to the ECL.

Questions, comments or problems with Log In can be directed to 570-524-2231 or to billing@citizenselectric.com.