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Do not assume that because your power is out that the line is dead!

Please call 570-524-2231 immediately if you see a downed line or

are experiencing a power outage.

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Customer Outage Map


Causes of Outages

Electric service can be interrupted by many events. Lightning strikes from thunderstorms, high wind, heavy snowfall or ice can cause major disruptions. Other events might include:

  • Automobile accidents involving power poles
  • Animals such as squirrels shorting out power equipment
  • Digging into an underground line

Customers should prepare for outages ahead of time to help minimize the impact.


Preparing for Outages

Put together an emergency kit and keep it accessible. Include several flashlights, a battery powered radio or TV, and spare batteries. Test the flashlights and batteries on a regular basis to ensure proper operation when needed. Candles or lanterns fueled by propane or white gas are not recommended for indoor emergency lighting.  A fully stocked kit should include first aid supplies, bottled water and nonperishable foods for extended outages. If you rely on a well pump for your water and a known major storm is approaching, it's a good idea to fill some jugs for drinking water as well the bathtub for washing up and flushing the toilet.

If you have a generator you should follow all safety procedures for its use. Never run the generator inside any part of a building or garage. Never connect the generator into your circuit breaker or fuse box - always plug appliances directly into the generator outlets or connect it through a Company approved double-throw disconnect switch. Back-feed from even a very small generator can be deadly if it reaches Citizens' Electric's linemen. Generator back-feed has electrocuted linemen.

Lightning strikes from thunderstorms can cause surges in your home’s electrical wiring. To prevent damage, unplug devices such as computers, microwaves, TVs and stereos. Don't overlook disconnecting the telephone and cable TV lines from any electronic equipment. Outages will prevent your home from being heated so be sure to have blankets available. If you use an alternative source of heat such as a wood burning stove or kerosene heater, be sure to read and follow all safety precautions concerning their operation.

Refrigerators and freezers will normally retain the cold and prevent food spoilage for more than 24 hours, but only if the doors stay closed.  Do not open the doors unnecessarily.  If you have a family member using electrically powered medical equipment such as an oxygen generator, be sure to have backup supplies on hand, and a plan for moving to another location until your power is restored.

If your power goes out, check your circuit breakers or fuses first. If they are okay, call Citizens' Electric Company at 570-524-2231. We maintain a 24-hour call center to take your calls and dispatch repair crews. We will ask for your name, address, phone number, and a description of your problem.  Other pertinent observations or information is always helpful.


Outage Recovery

Shutting off the circuit breakers to furnaces, electric heaters, refrigerators and freezers and all but a few lights will lessen the load on the power lines and make restoring service easier for Citizens' Electric repair crews. Once the lights come back on you can turn all your breakers on.

Outage restoration follows a well-prepared plan. Certain critical services such as hospitals, elderly care facilities, fire stations, police headquarters, emergency management centers, water filtration plants, wastewater treatment facilities and other similar facilities are given a high restoration priority. The balance of the system is restored based on getting the greatest number of customers back on over the shortest period of time.