Your Street Trees May Be Public Trees

The value of having and maintaining a beautiful and healthy community forest.

Each morning millions of people wake up in a majestic forest – a forest in which we live our lives, and which we leave to generations yet unborn.

America’s community forest includes the trees in your yard, and along the streets and highways around town. The trees in parks and playgrounds, along rivers and streams, around public buildings and schools – all are part of the communtiy forest.

These trees aren’t just nice to look at. They also help clean the air we breath, hold soil in place, make our communities cooler by giving needed shade, and provide a home for songbirds and other wildlife.

If you live in a town or city, the trees near the street (most often those between the sidewalk and the street) are probably city owned. if your community is part of the Tree City USA community forestry program, those trees are probably planted, pruned, or removed by city crews, following the Tree City USA guidelines for proper tree care.

Lewisburg is a Tree City USA member and Citizens’ is a Tree Line USA utility.

More than 88 million Americans live in more than 2,500 Tree City USAs across the nation. Ranging in size from Calvin, North Dakota (population 6) to Los Angeles (population 3.2 million) these communities have made an extra commitment to the care and perpetuation of their portion of the American Community Forest.

To receive a free Tree City USA booklet, call:
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The National Arbor Day Foundation
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