Storms, Trees & Utility Lines

When a storm strikes, it may look like the end of the world, but you can help your trees recover from storm damage.

Although they may look mortally damaged after a storm, trees have an amazing ability to recover from damage. With proper pruning and care, all but the most severely damaged are likely to regain their original health and beauty.

What you can do:

  • First of all, stay away from downed power lines and dangerous hanging branches ready to fall.
  • Assess the damage. If it’s minor, careful pruning can generally put your tree on the path to recovery.
  • Leave large limbs and damage to tree professionals. Look for an ISA certified arborist in the yellow pages under “Tree Service” or at
Tree First Aid After a Storm
  1. Take safety precautions. Stay away from downed lines, and unless you really know how to use one, leave chainsaw work to the professionals.
  2. Remove broken branches that are still attached to the tree. They should be pruned at the point where they join larger branches.
  3. Don’t top your trees! Never cut the main branches back to stubs. Ugly, weakly attached limbs will grow back and be even more likely to break off in a future storm.

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