Pole Attachments


Even with bucket trucks and other modern equipment, our line workers must still manually climb poles in many situations. Illegal attachments and their remnants can pose a serious hazard to this work activity. Line workers use gaffs or ‘hooks’ on their boots which grip the pole as they climb. If a gaff strikes an attachment or a nail, screw, staple, etc left in the pole from a prior attachment, it can cause them to slip and fall. Even with fall protection, this can still result in serious injuries. Our employees regularly face dangerous conditions to keep the lights on, please do your part to keep them safe and avoid placing or leaving anything on a pole that may endanger them!

News & Updates

  • January 2022, to ALL Licensees: Beginning with the January 2022 billing, all fees will be calculated under the most recent FCC guidelines, regardless of contract status. Citizens’ has provided notice to those licensees whose contracts stipulate flat fees of it’s intent to terminate those agreements and execute new agreements consistent with FCC fee guidelines.

Public & Private Communications Systems

Both third party and local incumbent communications providers may attach cables and equipment to Citizens’ poles after entering a Pole Attachment Agreement. See the Applications & Reference Documents section for an application for new attachments agreement, as well as current specifications and contact information.

One-Touch Make-Ready

Citizens’ is currently restructuring it’s pole attachments process to better align with recent FCC orders on the subject. We encourage pole attachers to consider One-Touch Make-Ready (“OTMR”) when planning new construction. Check the Company’s Pre-Approved Contractor List or contact Citizens’ Engineering to coordinate OTMR Work.

One-Touch Make-Ready is limited to ‘simple’ make-ready only. Simple make-ready is defined as work limited to the communications space, where existing cables may be transferred without reasonable expectation of service interruption. OTMR specifically excludes work in the power space and work on antennas or other pole mounted equipment.


Under current FCC regulations, attachers may be entitled to ‘Self-Help’ remedies if pole owners do not meet certain timelines.

Self-Help remedies must be performed using pre-approved contractors or, in their absence, a qualified, insured contractor (under 47 CFR § 1.1412) submitted to the Company when notice of Self-Help is provided. Self-Help is not permitted in the power space.

Attachers performing Self-Help remedies must still fulfill several minimum requirements under 47 CFR § 1.1411:

  • Provide 3 business days notice of field survey work. Company may be present during survey.
  • Provide 5 days notice of make-ready work to be performed as a self-help remedy.
  • Notify the Company (or existing attacher) of any damages to Company facilities. (or those of existing attachers)
  • Notify Company within 15 days of completion of self-help on any particular pole.
  • Resolve any damages or deficiencies reported by the Company within 14 days.
  • Attachers may not replace poles as a self-help remedy.

Attachments for Public Benefit or Community Functions

Citizens’ Electric recognizes the usefulness and practicality of our poles to certain public and charitable organizations to attach signs, banners, lights, etc. to our poles for the good of the local community. Such attachments are limited to public, institutional and charitable organizations for the purpose of community outreach, beautification and advertisement of events and services. These organizations must also execute an agreement, but a simplified agreement and specifications are available for these more limited attachments. Advertisements or solicitations of for-profit organizations are prohibited.

Private Organizations & Individuals

Attachments for the sole use of private organizations or individuals are typically not allowed but may be considered on a case-by-case basis. We encourage those interested in private attachments to contact Citizens’ Electric Engineering prior to submitting an application.

Prohibited Uses

Certain types of attachments are prohibited under all circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Structures or structural components, such as ladders, tree-stands, tree houses, support cables, decks, etc
  • Satellite dishes, TV/Radio Antennas (except by registered telecom providers with a current agreement)
  • Private area lights, dusk-to-dawn lights
  • For-profit advertising or solicitations
  • Fences


Please contact Citizens’ Electric if you need a current schedule of fees.

Citizens’ Electric does not charge attachment fees for Public and Charitable use attachments. Costs may still be incurred if make ready work is required.


Please contact the Citizens’ Electric engineering department for additional information.