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        Welcome to Citizens' Electric Company's Website. Citizens' Electric is an electric distribution company located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, serving approximately 6,900 customers in Lewisburg and the surrounding communities.

        We hope you find the website useful and informative.  Take a look around, as in addition to the general, daily business information you need, and the Company Tariff, we've compiled lots of information relating to energy conservation, customer choice, electric safety and storm preparations.

        The SmartHub application gives you complete access to your account information, provides a variety of payment options, lets you make changes to your account info, and provides historical consumption data. Inside SmartHub is Green Button which tabulates historical usage for use in other energy management applications. We also offer our Home Energy Suite, a very powerful energy analyzer which will help you make informed decision about how you use energy in your home or business.



Click for detailed information about our service area.Learn more about how you can be prepared for storm outages.

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