Budget Billing

Budget Billing can make it easier for residential customers to plan utility expenses. The purpose of Budget Billing is to smooth out the billing dollars due to seasonal variations in energy consumption. This is particularly helpful for customers who have electric heat and air conditioning.

Initial Budget Bill amounts are calculated using the average of the last twelve months energy consumption. If no history is available, an estimate will be used based on similar circumstances.

State regulations require a periodic review of your account to ensure that your actual energy usage is in line with the estimate. Examples of why there might be a variation are weather, a change in the number of family members, or the addition or removal of a significant electric load. Any over- or under-collection will be divided by 12 and included in the next quarterly adjustment. This review will be coordinated with the semi-annual adjustment to Citizens’ generation rate.

More than two consecutive late payment charges on your account will be cause for removal from the Budget Billing program.

You can sign up for Budget Billing by logging into Smarthub, or Contact our office if you would like more information.