Auto Pay

You may elect to have your electric bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month. Customers choosing the convenience of Citizens’ free Auto Pay plan still get an electric bill at the normal time each month that will show the amount due and the date it will be deducted from your bank account.

After you enroll in Auto Pay, watch your monthly bill – it will clearly indicate if Auto Pay has been setup for that particular bill cycle.

After you’re enrolled in Auto Pay, if you have questions about your bill, please call us at least four days before the bill due date so we have time to resolve the problem and adjust the payment if necessary.

Auto Pay is completely safe and does not give us access to any of your bank balances — the payment simply moves electronically from your bank account to ours.

With our free Auto Pay plan, you’ll discover convenience and savings.

Save time — After receiving your monthly bill, you just enter the amount in your bank book. That’s it. No writing checks, addressing envelopes or running to the mailbox or to Citizens’ office.

Save money — Eliminate postage. Reduce checking account fees and check printing costs.

Eliminate late payments — Auto Pay will give you confidence that your payments will be received on time, ensuring your good credit rating.

Give it a try — We know you’ll appreciate this free service. You can set up Auto Pay by logging into SmartHub or downloading an application today.