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Conservation and Efficiency


     Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce consumption of our energy resources. On the surface, the supply of fuels that heat and cool our homes, energize our industries, and drive our transportation appear to be abundant, and to some, endless. However, the fact of the matter is, supplies of fossil fuels are indeed, quite finite.


     There are other reasons why we should conserve energy, too. Cost is certainly a significant factor. Even with advanced publicity, the recent dramatic swings in energy cost have taken many consumers by surprise. This new era in which energy needs to be treated as a precious commodity has caused many consumers to make significant changes in the way they use energy. The debate about ozone depletion, global warming and carbon emissions continues; nevertheless, we all need to do our share to conserve. Preserving air and water quality are also part of our individual responsibilities. Reducing our reliance on foreign energy reserves will improve our national security.


     Energy efficiency is the reduction of energy use, while still obtaining a similar outcome. An example is replacing an incandescent light bulb with a compact florescent light bulb. Energy conservation is simply reduction. An example is turning off the light.


     Every home is a complex energy system - from heating and air conditioning, to cooking, lighting, water heating, refrigeration and even entertainment. We are encouraging our customers to take control of their energy consumption. Taking control doesn't mean doing without, but does require some changes in our energy management strategies.


     Citizens' Electric has made available a complete "Home Energy Suite" of interactive home energy and appliance energy calculators. The Suite also includes an abundance of educational and informational materials for adults and children. 


     Citizens' Electric is very aware of our Customer's concerns about the rising cost of electricity. We also recognize that our local community cares about preserving our energy resources as well as the environment. We hope the tools and information that we have provided will help our consumers make informed efficiency and conservation decisions.

Use these resources to help develop your

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Home Energy Suite - Interactive house, energy calculators, library of energy information and fun stuff for kids.

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