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Double Notice Protection


   For those residential customers who may have difficulty managing their accounts, who may possibly miss a delinquent notice or who may be away from home for extended periods of time, Citizens’ Electric Company offers a “Double Notice Protection” program.


   After efforts to collect a past due bill have been unsuccessful, a disconnection notice is sent to the customer stating that service will be cut off after a specified date. As a courtesy, the “Double Notice Protection” program ensures that a copy of that same delinquent notice is mailed to a designated third party as an additional reminder to help solve the problem and avoid disconnection. Sending a copy of the disconnection notice to the third party does not place any obligation on that party to pay your bill, nor will it defer or prevent the disconnection of your electric service.  It merely provides a means to prevent the notice from being overlooked in your absence.


   If you want “Double Notice Protection”, simply complete the form below and return it to us. We will keep the procedure in effect until you notify us. Citizens’ Electric will make every effort to provide third party notices, however, the person making this request agrees that the company incurs no liability for failure to do so for any reason.


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Download the Double Notice Protection request form here.